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Rebuilding the mail database in Outlook Express 5 for Mac
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Article # 165
Created: 09/21/2001
Modified: 8/28/2006


From the Outlook Express 5.x readme...

3.2 Starting Outlook Express 5 and Accessing the Mail Database
If you have trouble starting Outlook Express 5 or you have problems with the mail database, you may need to rebuild the Outlook Express 5 database.

>>>To rebuild the database:

1. Press and hold down OPTION while you start Outlook Express 5.
2. When the "Would you like to compact the database?" message appears, click No.
3. When the "Would you like to do a complex rebuild of the database?" message appears, click Yes.

NOTE: If you rebuild the database, Outlook Express removes all of your IMAP, Hotmail, and News messages from the local cache. This means that you will have to download these messages again from the server. You will also have to re-enter your settings for your news and mail schedules.


With Macintosh Outlook Express versions older than 5.x try this:

-Pull down the Tools menu
-Choose Empty Cache
-Scroll over and choose Empty Entire Cache

Document Information
Article # 165
Category: E-Mail
Platform: Mac
Created: 09/21/2001