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mv - Configuring Eudora 6 for Macintosh (Classic and OS X)
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Article # 411
Created: 01/26/2004
Modified: 11/1/2019


To setup Eudora 6 for Mac to send and receive e-mail, follow these steps:

You will need the following information to setup e-mail:
E-mail address:
Mail Server:
SMTP Server:
You can look up the settings for your e-mail here:

1 - Go to the 'Special' menu and select 'Settings'

2 - In the left column of the settings, select the 'Getting Started' icon

3 - Fill in the right information fields:
Checking mail
- Username - Enter your username . This is your full email address.
- Mail Server - Enter the incoming (POP) mail server for your account

Sending mail
- Real Name - This is the name people will see when you send them an e-mail address. I can be any name or nickname you like
- SMTP Server - Enter the server used to send mail
- Return Address - Enter your e-mail address in this field

4 - Click OK and the setup of Eudora is complete.

To setup multiple e-mail addresses (Personalities) in Eudora:

1 - In the settings window, scroll down to the 'Personalities' icon found in the left navigation panel.

2 - Click the 'New' button.

3 - In the 'Personality Name' field, type in the new e-mail address.

4 - Under 'Checking Mail', in the 'Username' field, enter your username. This is your full email address.

5 - Enter the 'Mail Server' for your account. This is the incoming or POP server.

6 - Make sure the 'Check mail on manual checks' is checked if you want to receive mail for this account when you check mail for your main account.

7 - Under the Sending Mail section, enter your 'Real name'.

8 - In the 'SMTP Server' field, enter the outgoing or SMTP server for your account.

9 - Click OK to save the settings.

You can learn more about Eudora and how to use additional features at the Eudora tutorials page:

Document Information
Article # 411
Category: E-Mail
Platform: Mac
Created: 01/26/2004

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