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mv - How to use SpamCop Spam Reporting System
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Article # 439
Created: 06/19/2004
Modified: 11/1/2019


SpamCop is a free system that people can use to report spam that makes it through to their inbox. Here is a summary of what is needed:

To see if an IP address is listed in the SpamCop system:

Sign up for the service here:

In order to report spam, you will need to know how to view, cut and paste the FULL HEADERS of the spam messages:

Once you sign up for the service, you will receive a welcome message from the SpamCop system. This e-mail message will have a special e-mail address to which you can send spam. It will also have a web link that you can use to report spam.

E Street uses the SpamCop system for spam filtering on many of our mail servers. Spam reports from users will filter down and help increase the effectiveness of our filtering.

Document Information
Article # 439
Category: E-Mail
Platform: ALL
Created: 06/19/2004

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