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mv - Configuring Vista Mail for your email account
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Article # 666
Created: 05/27/2009
Modified: 4/21/2020


To configure Vista (Windows) Mail for your email account please follow the steps below.

When setting up Vista Mail, you will need the following information;
- E-Mail Address:
- Username:
- Password:
- Incoming mail server:
- Outgoing mail server:

You can look up the settings for your e-mail account here:

1. In Vista Mail, click on the "Tools menu" and select "Accounts".

2. In the Internet Accounts dialog box, click "Add", select "Email Account" and then click Next.

3. In the Display Name box, type the name that you want others to see when you send a message. Click Next.

4. In the E-mail Address box, type the full e-mail ( ) address for the account that you're setting up. Click Next.

5. Type the names of your incoming e-mail server ( ) and outgoing e-mail server ( ). Click Next.

6. Enter your E-mail Username (your username is your full email address) and password and then click Next.

7. Check the box labeled “My outgoing server requires authentication”

8.Click Finish.

Once you’ve added the account you’ll need to go back into the settings to confirm that the SMTP settings are correct:

1) Click on the "Tools" menu and select "Accounts"
2) Click on the Mail tab
3) Highlight your mail account and click "Properties"
4) Click on the "Advanced" tab
5) Change the Outgoing mail (SMTP) port to 587
6) Click on the "Servers" tab
7) Check the box labeled "My server requires authentication"
8) Click on "Settings" and make sure it's set to "Use same settings as incoming mail server" and then click "OK"
9) Click "Apply" and then "OK" and save your changes.

Document Information
Article # 666
Category: E-Mail
Platform: Windows
Created: 05/27/2009

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