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What are the inclusions of the E-LAN E Street Tech Support package?
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Article # 683
Created: 12/11/2009
Modified: 11/7/2016


E Street’s E-LAN package is our entry-level Tech Services Managed Services offering...

E-LAN provides your organization with initial assessment, monthly monitoring, Data Safe offsite backups, and reduced rates on technician services. Specific program inclusions are below:

E Street’s "E-LAN" package INCLUSIONS:

  • E Street Tech Services IT support with initial assessment and setup of scheduled remote monthly checkups for 1 year.*

  • 5GB E Street Data Safe - E Street’s premier offsite secure, encrypted, data storage with included backup utilities and UNLIMITED additional storage**.

  • Initial E-LAN setup visit for E Street Tech Services***
    E Street techs will;
    --install E Street Data Safe secure storage backup clients
    --install remote support software on computers to be supported for monthly checkups
    --provide technology assessment report (includes inventory of operating systems, switch gear, LAN, and current hardware to be supported)
    --setup monthly checkups for hardware to be supported

  • E-LAN also provides reduced Tech Services on-site rates for additional work****.


* Customers receive Managed Support Services including on-site and remote support. Monthly checkups are remotely administered tech visits and monitoring. Checkups include: verify connectivity on supported computers, verify security software status and settings (e.g.: antivirus/antispam/firewall as applicable), verify Data Safe settings and backup status, provide recommendations for action items within the network. E-LAN customers can cancel at any time.

Minimum System Requirements:
- Windows: Server 2008 R2 and 2012 R2, Windows 7-Pro, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 (i3 or better Processor and at least 4 GB RAM)
- Macs: Intel Macs Mac OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) or later.
- Internet Connection (to enable remote backup capability): 1Mbps or better.

** E-LAN customers receive an included 5GB E Street Data Safe with additional storage at $1/GB/mo.

*** E-LAN base annual billing rates E-LAN Level 1 setup includes up to 5 nodes at your location $140/yr, E-LAN Level 2 = 6-10 nodes for $250/yr plus $100 setup, E-LAN Level 3 = 11-20 nodes for $600/yr plus $300 setup. Custom pricing beyond 20 nodes.

**** For additional on-site work, E-LAN customers get a 15% Tech Services discount off current E Street on-site enterprise hourly rates.

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Article # 683
Category: Tech Services
Platform: ALL
Created: 12/11/2009