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Telnetting into POP accounts
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Article # 69
Created: 03/28/2001
Modified: 8/25/2006


PC users can open a Telnet program by going to a MS-DOS or Command Prompt and typing the word Telnet.

For Mac users we recommend Better Telnet or MacSSH:

Do a manual POP3 login by telnetting to port 110 on the server. On our main “ server, this would like like:

Once connected, hit return to clear all the telnet protocol stuff
out of the command buffer. From there you can type the following commands:

PASS - these two log you in
STAT - returns the number of messages and total size
LIST [messagenumber] - returns list of all messages or the
size of the message if specified
TOP (good for seeing who message is from)
DELE - deletes a message
RETR - retrieve a message
QUIT - logout

You can use the above commands to see what messages you have, what size they are and then delete big ones if you need to.

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Article # 69
Category: E-Mail
Platform: ALL
Created: 03/28/2001