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mv - How do I access my VoiceMail on my Voice Pilot Hosted phone system?
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Article # 743
Created: 08/15/2011
Modified: 5/18/2021


These instructions are for E Street Voice Pilot Hosted products:


Access Voicemail from your desk phone:
- Press the Messages button or dial “*123
- Enter your PIN. Contact E Street if you still have default passcode/PIN and need that - or need a PIN reset.
- Press 0
- Press 1 to record your unavailable message – please make sure to do this
- Press 3 to record your name greeting – please make sure to do this
- You can disregard the busy message
- Recommended: Change your PIN by pressing 5 – be sure to note it in a secure way so you don’t forget!

- See below for more detailed voicemail functions and menus†

Access Voicemail from an outside phone:
- Call yourself (10 digit DID or Main Number + Extension)
- Enter “*” at the greeting
- Enter your passcode and follow the prompts†

Access Voicemail from your Voice Pilot Web Portal:
- Access your Web Portal to hear your voicemail messages:
(Note: Contact E Street for the default password, OR...if you have activated the Communicator GO app - this password is the password set for Communicator GO)

For help on accessing the Web Portal and features see:

NOTE: Be sure to reset your default PIN and password to the web portal, to your own.
Password requires at least eight characters, with mixed-case letters, numbers, and must contain at least one of the following special characters ! % * _


Top Level Options - Available Commands:
1 Messages (when new or old messages are present)
2 Change Folders
3 Advanced Options - not applicable
0 Mailbox Options
* Help (replay menu)
# Exit

Mailbox Options - Available Commands:
1 Record Unavailable Message
2 Record Busy Message
3 Record Your Name
4 Record Your Temporary Greeting
5 Change Your Password
* Return to the Main Menu

During Message Playback - Available Commands:
1 Go to First Message
2 Play Current Message from Beginning (no header)
3 Advanced Options
4 Previous Message (if present)
5 Repeat Current Message
6 Next Message (if present)
7 Delete Message
8 Forward Message
9 Save Message
0 Pause Playback
* Rewind by 3 seconds
# Fast Forward by 3 seconds

E Street discourages using the voice mail system for forwarding and saving voice mail messages (numbers 8 and 9 above). These functions work fine but are cumbersome to use. If the customer needs these functions, we recommend enabling voicemail to email.

For Voicemail functions on E Street Voice Pilot OFFICE products see:

Document Information
Article # 743
Category: VoIP
Platform: ALL
Created: 08/15/2011

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