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mv - Configuring an iPad or iPhone for E Street email
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Article # 754
Created: 03/20/2012
Modified: 2/16/2021


To configure your iPad or iPhone to send and receive email please follow the steps below.

NOTE! When configuring iPad/iPhone (or any mail client), you will need the following information:
- E-mail address:
- Incoming (IMAP) mail server:
- Outgoing (SMTP) mail server:
- Account Name (Username):
- Password:
You can look up the settings for your e-mail here:

1. Click/tap on the “Settings” icon to get started.

2. Tap on “Mail” (or on older versions of iOS you’ll tap on “Passwords and Accounts” instead)

3. Tap “Add Account” and select “Other”

4. Select “Add Mail Account”

5. In the “Name" field, type your name. In the "Address" field, type your full email address.

6. Enter your email password and then tap “Next”

7. Here you have the option of "IMAP" or "POP" mail protocols. Either will work but we recommend you select “POP” and then enter the following in the "Incoming Mail Server" section:

-Host Name: your incoming server name -
-Username: your full email address -
-Password: your email password

8. Enter the following in the "Outgoing Mail Server" section:

-Host Name: your outgoing server name -
-Username: your full email address -
-Password: your email password

9. Tap “Next". You may see a window indicating a certificate error. If you see that error, tap “Yes” to continue without SSL. You may also see an indicating that it cannot connect to the outgoing server but you'll want to continue anyway. Continue until the account is created and saved.

If you're having trouble sending mail after the account is created then you may need to go back into the settings to edit the SMTP server port since it does not allow you edit the SMTP port during the initial setup.

10. Open your email account settings (Settings-> Mail-> Under "Accounts" Tap on your new email account, and Tap "Account" again).

11. Scroll down and tap on the name of your outgoing mail server.

12. Your outgoing mail server should be listed as the "Primary Server". Tap on the server name again.

13. Now verify/change the following settings:

-Host Name: your outgoing server name -
-Username: your username (your full email address) -
-Password: your email password
-Use SSL: Off
-Authentication: Password or MD5 Challenge Response
-Server port: 587

14. Click "Done" to save your changes.

Document Information
Article # 754
Category: E-Mail
Platform: Mac
Created: 03/20/2012

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