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mv - What are some more Advanced features of E Street Voice Pilot OFFICE ?
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Article # 780
Created: 10/29/2013
Modified: 4/21/2020


Advanced Features of E Street Voice Pilot Office

In addition to the standard features like Call Hold, Call Transfer, 3-Way
Calling, Voice Mail
, etc., E Street Voice Pilot Office
offers many more advanced features. For information on how to use the features
listed below, or to have E Street enable them for you, please contact us at or 303-584-0640.

24/7 Monitoring
Included with ever E Street Voice Pilot Office installation is automatic 24/7
monitoring. We centrally monitor your Internet connection and various key
metrics in your PBX. Specifically, we watch your Internet connection for data
latency, data loss and any down time. We also monitor your Voice Pilot Office
system for the number of simultaneous calls, the maximum number of calls and any
behavior that might indicate toll fraud from a hacker. E Street can also deliver
monthly reports to you that graphically display much of this information.

Shared Line Appearance (SCA)
Shared Call Appearance is a feature that allows you to have more than one device assigned to your Voice Pilot user account. This means you can have a phone at your office, another phone at your house, and the Voice Pilot Mobile app on your smartphone, all allowing you to make and receive calls from any of these devices via your single Voice Pilot phone number. In addition most devices allow you to see the status (in-use or not) on the number and/or grab calls from hold.

Call Forward Not Reachable
Also included free of charge with every Voice Pilot Office installation is the
ability to automatically forward your inbound call in the case of a bandwidth
our other outage. For instance, if you have an extended power outage, or your
Internet connection goes down, we can automatically detect that and forward all
inbound calls to a predefined phone number. Often that number is the cell phone
of an Admin or other appropriate employee. Please let E Street know how you
would like this feature set up.

Auto Attendant
Easily configurable through a web browser, the Auto Attendant answers phone
calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter what kind of call volume you’re
receiving. Easily create your own audio greetings, customize simple or complex
menu structures, provide callers with dial-by-name options, and create rules for
out of office hours and holidays.

Hunt Groups
This feature provides an easy way to send an inbound phone call to all
extensions in a particular department, but the list of extensions in a Hunt
Group can be easily customized to include anyone. In the event that nobody is
available to answer the call, the Hunt Group can be configured with a “Fallback”
extension and a time limit, so the caller is never left to hear unanswered
ringing longer than you want them to.

Voice Pilot Office Web Portal
You can now dial phone numbers directly from a web browser. Copy and paste a
contact’s phone number into Voice Pilot Office Web Portal and click dial. The
client will initiate the call and connect your desktop SIP phone with the other
party - no dialing necessary! Voice Pilot Office Web Portal also provides you
with browser-based access to your own voicemail, call forwarding options, call
history, and status of other extensions in your Voice Pilot Office system.

Call Pickup
Call pickup allows users to answer a call that is ringing on someone else's
phone. By simply dialing a special code, ("*8" for example) the user can accept
any call that is ringing on a colleague's phone within a specified "zone" or
"room". Defining zones or rooms in Voice Pilot Office is a simple configuration
set by the administrator. For example two adjacent offices or an open cubicle
area where other phones ringing can easily be heard, can form a single room in
Voice Pilot Office.  

Directed call pickup

is similar to call pickup, but it's not limited to pre-defined zones or rooms.
This works with any extension on the same Voice Pilot Office server, even across
zones, as long as the user knows the extension number. For example, to answer a
call ringing on extension 111, the user would dial "**111".

Call Parking
Call parking comes in handy when you're on a call and you need to go to another
room – to retrieve an important file or for more privacy. Voice Pilot Office
allows you to park the call on a parking extension (defined by the
administrator) and resume the call on a different phone device by dialing the
same extension, for example "*512". Call parking extensions can also be
monitored via BLF to make retrieving of parked calls even easier.

Group Speed Dial
The system administrator can set up a group Speed Dial that everyone in your
group can use. Access to Speed Dial entries is gained through a quick key
sequence on the phone. For example *10 could be the cell phone for one of the
company executives.

BLF Support
BLF stands for "Busy Lamp Field". It informs you about the status of other
extensions in your voice system. Thus, the user immediately knows whether a
particular extension is available, busy or there is a call ringing. The status
is indicated through set of LED lamps on phones that support BLF. BLF is useful
particularly for receptionists. It is often used with call pickup to accept
phone calls that ring on other extensions. Users can also see the status of
other extension in their system by using the Voice Pilot Office Web Portal and
setting up other users’ extensions in their “Favorites” list.

Need to get quickly in touch with a selected group of people in your office? No
problem. Voice Pilot Office offers paging support in the form of paging groups.
The administrator simply defines a paging group, assigns an extension to the
group and adds some phones to the group. To page all members of the group, a
user simply calls the group’s extension. The phone will answer the call
automatically and will activate the loudspeaker.

Call Forwarding / Find Me
Calls that come in to your office extension can easily be rerouted with the Web
Portal interface. Choose to have the call forwarded to an internal or external
number of your choice, or tell it to ring a list of numbers until it finds you.
Users with several extensions can configure different forwarding rules for every
single extension.

Voicemail to Email
Sent as a compressed .wav file, your office voicemail messages can now be
organized in your email inbox. When a voicemail arrives, feel free to listen to
it from your laptop, file it in a subfolder, or forward it to a colleague. It’s
a great way to keep all of your messages visually organized in one place.

Call Recording
Voice Pilot Office allows phone calls in a call queue to be recorded and
reviewed with the tick of a box. The built-in call recording functionality can
now record incoming and outgoing conversations for individual extensions, call
queues and even ring groups as well.

Directory Support
With support for Active and Open Directory, Voice Pilot Office can easily blend
itself into your current network configuration, but you don't need a directory
service to get up and running. Voice Pilot Office can also run on its own
internal directory.

Fax Support
Voice Pilot Office comes with fax support in 2 different flavors. Unfortunately,
faxing over VoIP isn’t alwys 100% reliable.
- Fax-to-email. All users’ extensions can receive and send fax messages as PDF
and TIFF attachments. In addition to this, you can define a PBX service at a
separate extension number that will do fax-to-email as well
- PDF-to-fax. The Voice Pilot Office Web Portal provides a simple method for
sending faxes by uploading a PDF file to the Voice Pilot Office Web Portal.

Call Queues
These are perfect for customer service departments. They provide the caller with
your customized call-queue audio message while the system finds the next
available agent based on criteria you define. You can allow agents to sign in
and out of a call queue and even designate “wrap-up time,” giving agents a
certain amount of time after each call to finalize work before becoming eligible
for the next call. Need to perform a little Quality Assurance? Calls handled
through your call queue can be recorded and reviewed with a single tick of a

Real-time reporting and historical data are both accessible through the
web-based admin interface, providing you with system health stats like CPU and
RAM usage as well as data on in-progress calls, conferences, and call queues.
Password Guessing Protection
Voice Pilot Office will block an IP address after a specified number of login
attempts, thus protecting your system from misuse. It’s quick enough to prevent
unauthorized persons from gaining access to your phone system and taking control
over it.

Anomalous Behavior Detection
Based on a typical behavior pattern, the administrator can define the number of
phone calls per time period to a location, typical call duration etc. to detect
non-standard behavior. When detected, Voice Pilot Office alerts the
administrator and/or stops the PBX to allow diagnosis and time to fix the
situation, thus protecting your company from losing money from unauthorized use.

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Article # 780
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Created: 10/29/2013

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