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mv - How to configure Outlook 2011 / 2016 for Mac
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Article # 783
Created: 01/06/2014
Modified: 4/21/2020


To configure Outlook 2011 for Mac for your email account please follow the steps below.

When configuring Outlook for Mac, you will need the following information;
- E-Mail Address:
- Username:
- Password:
- Incoming mail server:
- Outgoing mail server:

You can look up the settings for your e-mail account here:

1. Click on the "Tools" menu and select "Accounts"

2. Click the + sign in the lower left corner and select "E-Mail".

3. Enter the following settings:

-Email address: your full email address
-Password: your email password
-Username: your full email address
-Type: IMAP or POP
-Incoming server: your incoming mail server name
-Outgoing server: your outgoing mail server name

4. Check "Override default port" under the outgoing server and then enter 587 as the new outgoing port number.

5. Once the account is added, click "More Options" near the bottom of the settings page.

6. Set "Authentication" to "Use incoming server info" and then click OK.

7. Close the Accounts window to save your changes.

Document Information
Article # 783
Category: E-Mail
Platform: Mac
Created: 01/06/2014

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