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mv - What is Webmail and how do I use it?
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Article # 510
Created: 04/21/2005
Modified: 2/2/2021


Where do I find my webmail? If you have an "" email address, you'll log in here:

If you have an email address with your own custom domain hosted with E Street, you
can access webmail by replacing the '' in the above URL with the name
of your own custom domain, like this:

(NOTE: Webmail may not be turned on for some domains. For more information or to
get it activated for your domain - contact us at


To log into webmail, just use your username, (this is typically your your full email address e.g.:,

and your regular email mailbox password.


What is webmail?
Webmail is a way to access your email remotely through a web browser
interface, (Internet Explorer, Sarari, etc.), rather than through a mail
program like Outook, Eudora, etc. The messages that you see in webmail are
actually emails that are still being stored on our server, so any messages
that you've already downloaded into your computer with a mail program will
not be viewable in webmail.

Advantages of Webmail
Webmail allows you to access your email from any place at any time, as long
as you have an internet connection. This is very useful for people who
travel often or need to access their email from multiple locations. It can
also be very useful as a backup to your mail program, in case issues with
your mail program should arise.

Document Information
Article # 510
Category: E-Mail
Created: 04/21/2005

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